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Serving on our Board

          The Guide to Board Service

    and the Participation Interest Form

    As the Southern Nevada SHRM affiliate, we know the experience of participating on our Board is an amazing contribution of your time and talent and is of great value to the HR community we serve!

    As a candidate for a position on our Board, we strive to ensure we adhere to our local chapter governing by-laws and we also rely on SHRM’s guidelines, by aligning our leadership to the SHAPE initiatives.

    From SHRM: The SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) has been designed to ensure a strong connection between SHRM and our affiliated chapters from a business perspective. In addition to clearly outlining our requirements to measure chapter alignment and engagement with SHRM’s overall objectives, SHAPE’s focus has shifted to activities and initiatives which are more strategic in nature. These efforts will allow each affiliated chapter to increase its viability and effectiveness, as well as promote the HR profession at the local level.”

    As a board member, you will be expected to collaborate with your fellow board, committees and membership at large, to accomplish our chapter’s goals in aligning with the SHAPE.

    Candidates selected for Nomination are giving valuable time, please consider your availability. As a general guideline

    • Terms are for a two-year period
    • Goals, initiative progress and written reporting to support activities is expected
    • Job Descriptions and SHAPE information are available online.
    • Board members should  participate in 75% of Board meetings (conference or in-person)
    • Board members are encouraged to be active in a majority of our events and programs, throughout their term
    • Board Members will need to actively recruit and engage Chapter members to form committees as needed,  to assist with their initiatives
    • Our Board has a diverse group of members, and we are available to guide and mentor each other in our initiatives. You are we welcome to use us as a resource and sounding board!

    By-Law Criteria for Board participation with SNVSHRM

    Officer - In addition to the list below, candidates for an Officer position, must have served at least 1 full term as a member of the Board of Directors, to be considered for an Officer’s position.

    Director or Member At-Large Candidate basic criteria

    A member in Good Standing with SHRM, required for entire term of officeMembership level is equal to “Professional”; and engaged in one or more of the following:

    • Practitioner of HR at the Exempt level for min of three years
    • Currently holds an HR Generalist certification or credential. 
    • Is Faculty member holding Asst., Assoc., or Full Professor Rank at an accredited college or university, teaching a min of 3 years at this level
    • Full-time consultant, practicing in the field of HR a min of 3 years
    • Full-time attorney, counseling and advising on the matters of HR for a min of 3 years.

    Candidates should provide

    • Short biography (approx. 250 words). 
    • Resume, including current position

    Candidates participation level in SNVSHRM/NNV/NV State Council/National  events or initiatives.


    • Resume, including current position

    Candidates participation level in other HR related events or initiatives.


    • Resume, including current position


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