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From the President - August 2020

    August 5, 2020

    From the President – August, 2020


    Hi Friends!

    Back to school? Back to the office, back to the shop, back to the field, back to the…. This back to school season is by far the strangest in my lifetime, but then again, everything about every season this year has been, well, strange.

    Kudos to the resiliency and adaptability being shown in our communities. I feel like being stretched, forced if you will, to think outside the box has given way to so many innovative and creative processes and solutions. The ability shown by so many to really start applying that way of thinking towards other challenges in the workplace is also shining through. That makes me happy and also proud.

    Ingenuity. Many businesses remain closed or highly restricted and they too are finding ways to adapt their business as best they can to continue operations wherever possible. Retaining their valuable, and trained staff is an important priority. Many employees are happy to take on more and sometimes, different responsibilities in a concerted effort to keep moving the needle forward for themselves and their employers

    Compassion and empathy for others. When the opportunity to continue work with an employer just isn’t possible, I am also seeing employers and employees network and navigate other avenues. Assisting with the unemployment claim process, volunteering in the community’s programs and just helping one another in our own neighborhoods with babysitting, yard/house work, home improvement and repairs. People trying to keep busy and knowing that helping someone else is just as important as being helped by others.

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In a time when all outlets for news and social media are filled with the bad and the ugly stories, I encourage you to look for the good. It is there. The positive, is all around us and needs our help to be lifted up, above the bad, above the ugly. Stress, differing personalities and other influences all contribute to conflicts at work and our home lives, which is so counter-productive. We can do better.

    Making Conflict Productive in the Workplace, August 11th, please join Southern Nevada SHRM as we welcome our board member, Chris Belmont to walk us through better understanding conflict. This online webcast, with the ability to ask your questions in the Q&A forum, is sure to be a “don’t miss” program. Plus, you won’t even have to drive back to your office space in a brutally hot car! Registration is open online at SNVSHRM.ORG

    Finally, thank you! Our chapter counts on its members. Thanks for all you do each day to promote the wellbeing of your teams, our community, and our profession! I welcome your direct feedback! You may contact any time!