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Programming Registration Fees to Change- Effective April 2020

    February 14, 2020

    Our committees have been hard at work making updates to Chapter business operations over the last 6 weeks! As a SHRM Affiliate 100% chapter. Our partnership with SHRM sometimes impacts our established operational activities.

    We no longer have ready access to validate SHRM memberships “on-the fly” or via a ticketing platform. SHRM adopted to utilize its members’ email address as their new membership identifier (email addresses change, often), rather than a static SHRM membership number. This change presented us with a need to reshape the way we set up our ticketing structure.

    Beginning in April 2020 we will be moving to set pre-registered ticket pricing, regardless of membership status (oh yes, we still want and need you as a SHRM and Local member). Please note that with this change, we will move to a registered vs. non-registered pricing structure for our programs and events. This makes sense operationally, since many of our expenses are based on pre-determined headcounts and non-registered participants can alter our final expenses.

    We get it, schedules can be hard to predict! But please remember, we absolutely want you to participate, and if you decide to join us without pre-registering, please come on down! We hope you will not be dissuaded by this change.

    As always, thank you! I welcome your direct feedback! You may contact any time!