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    Expect Great Things to Happen: Five Core Principles for Performance Success

    Date: October 25, 2022, 8:00am – 9:30am
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    Member Programming Meeting
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    Nevada State SHRM Council

    Member Appreciation Professional Development

    Expect Great Things to Happen: Five Core Principles for Performance Success

    Hosted by Nevada State SHRM Council via Zoom

    Through generous sponsorships, this event is FREE to participants

    Generously sponsored by: Anthem Injury Lawyers


    Program Synopsis

    Richard Marks offers a valuable toolkit of perspectives and methods for becoming an effective HR leader, with an emphasis on improving r people skills and relationships - both at work and at home. His engaging, down-to-earth style, peppered with honest personal anecdotes that range from "oh no" to hilarious, makes the concepts he explores easy to absorb.

    Psychologists have proven the most important factor in your success and well-being is not your intelligence, education, or physical assets but how effective you are with people. Learn techniques to improve communication and relationship-building skills, enhance professionalism, increase confidence in a variety of business situations and understand your team dynamics. Successful teams know how to effectively take individual talents and put them together to accomplish common goals.

    HR leaders have the responsibility to not only articulate the organization’s strategy but are also tasked with the implementation and execution of the vision set forth by their superiors. In most cases, the organization’s goals and initiatives are established with little to no input from the employee population. Yet, the HR team supporting middle managers must ensure the short/long-term goals of the organization are met. HR leaders have an enormous impact on employee retention and engagement and set the tone for the culture of the organization.

    This course is intended for HR managers and practitioners who want to build effective work groups and win with people at work.

    Many HR managers focus on other talents and abilities first- such as polishing their communication or leadership skills or taking courses to expand their base of knowledge- but they forget that good relationship are the foundation for achievement. Winning with People will provide you with the tools you need to immediately improve your existing relationships as well as cultivate strong, exciting, and new ones to drive organizational performance. Using a unique blend of interesting facts, statistics, humor, real-life examples, and questions for discussion, “Expect Great Things to Happen: Five Core Principles for performance success” will show you how.

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