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    WEBINAR SERIES - Taking DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) from Concept to Habit -Part 2

    Date: April 13, 2021, 8:00am – 9:30am
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    Webinar / Class
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    Taking DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion)  from Concept to Habit

    Presented in a 3 webinar series

    Speaker: Shelly Immel

    Sponsored By: SNV SHRM

    Webinar Services – SNV SHRM

    3/9/2021, 4/13/2021 ANd 5/11/21

    8:00 am – 9:30 am



    Speaker Bio:

    Shelly Immel

    Owner & CFO,

    Obsidian Learning

    In 1998 Shelly founded Obsidian Learning, a consulting company dedicated to developing training and supporting organizations and learners through big change. Obsidian Learning has made local and national Best Places to Work lists as well as 5 consecutive years on eLearning Industry’s Top Learning Provider list. Shelly is an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow and has served on the Authentic Houston leadership team since 2016.

    The past year brought great hunger for real change around DEI simultaneously with the rise of social isolation and remote work. These factors united Shelly’s drive to create diverse, whole-hearted workplaces, her experience with structured activities for interpersonal skill-building and connection, and her professional expertise in creating training programs for behavior change and culture shift. The result is Obsidian Learning’s expanding consulting, facilitation, and training programs on virtual team building and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Off-the-shelf courses are available on Open Sesame.


    Program overview:

    In this three-webinar series, you will learn how intentionally practicing DEI skills and techniques, together with healthy group norms, creates the habits and social trust necessary for challenging conversations and real organizational change. You will learn new information, interact with peers, and experience activities you can use with your own teams and organizations to build social trust, connection, and DEI skills.

    Series Description:

    To change DEI from something we just talk about to something we do, employees need specific skills, techniques, group norms, and intentional practice with each other. Practicing DEI behaviors at the team level create habits, builds social trust, and makes challenging interactions and real organizational change possible.

    This series focuses on how you can implement DEI at the grassroots level with individuals and teams in your own organization. 

    Participants will learn:

    • the role of psychological safety in healthy team dynamics

    • core behaviors that research has shown create high performing teams, including attunement/empathy and conversational turn-taking

    • how healthy group norms underpin mutual accountability, support, and other positive team dynamics

    • the role of experiential learning in making DEI real in daily interpersonal interactions

    • multiple group activities you can use with your teams to build DEI skills and habits, and how to do them in a virtual setting

    • language and techniques for healthy interactions such as sharing the impact of someone’s words and actions


    This webinar series blends traditional knowledge transfer, peer interaction, and experiential learning in which participants learn by doing facilitated activities together.

    Registration for All 3 Sessions

    Registration Open for this session only


    Each session has been Pre-Approved for 1 SHRM and HRCI credit