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    Making Conflict Productive in the Workplace

    Date: August 11, 2020, 8:00am – 9:30am
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    Webinar / Class
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    Making Conflict Productive in the

    Summary of Presentation
    Recipe for Conflict:
    People (2 or more) placed in the same physical location, and or given common goals.
    Wouldn’t it be great if instead of dreading or avoiding conflict, your teams could learn to harness it for the benefit of your organization? Rather than allowing it to hinder productivity and hurt morale, it can be leveraged for improving business outcomes and relationships. Explore how people with different DiSC styles respond to and engage in conflict. Receive a brief introduction to DiSC, as well as a complimentary DiSC Productive Conflict Assessment.
    The Learning Objectives Include:
    ● Learn about your own DiSC style, and how your reaction to conflict affects people around you
    ● Learn how a reframe a conflict situation, to choose more productive behaviors
    ● Discuss building a common language in an organization around appropriate conflict behaviors
    ● Identify and stop destructive conflict behaviors
    ● DiSC instructor training can earn up to 15 PDC’s from SHRM

    About Our Speaker
    Chris Belmont owns and operates Belmont Consulting. She started in business as a minimum wage employee at Taco Bell and ended up running a multimillion-dollar restaurant franchise with 30 locations in multiple states.
    Her company provides HR support to businesses that do not have an in-house HR Department, as well as larger ones who need 3 rd party investigative or training services. They also have a marketing division that offers specialized social media and online reputation defense management (They help you with Google and Yelp Reviews).
    Chris is an HR and training professional who is certified to facilitate and speak on topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Harassment prevention, Situational Leadership, DiSC, The Five Behaviors, and several others Leadership and Training topics. She is the creator of Hourly to Leader, a program that specializes in developing leadership skills in hourly employees.

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